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About Wire & Cable BU

With our consistent focus on technical innovation and research and development, we have become a sought after company to buy XLPE Cable, Bus Duct, Solar Cable, and other cable varieties. Moreover, it is the cooperation of Tatung University that we have been able to source top-of-the-line material and get to the development of new products. Therefore, being recognized as one of the most reliable manufacturers and exporters of aforesaid and more cables.


Customer Services

Since our emergence, we have been stringently following our value of customer-orientation, listening to and understanding client  requirements, setting up multiple communication channels and innovating the existing products for meeting the diverse requirements of customers. Besides, we have a customer service at our official website through which interested customers can easily inquire about service locations and other details such as consultation and procurement of Solar Cable and other cable varieties.
Corporate Values

Formerly known by the name, Xie Zhi Business Enterprise, Tatung Company, has come a long and glorious way since its inception in the year 1918. Under the guidance of our former Chairman, Mr. Shang-Zhi Lin, we have built a reputation held strong by our fundamental values of Industry, Frugality, Integrity and Honesty.


  • Education cooperation: With the support of Tatung High School and Tatung University, we aim to bring into limelight the talent of young and dynamic engineers.
  • Shareholder responsibility: We look forward to providing maximum returns to our shareholders while maintaining the policy of dividend stability.
  • Employee harmony: For encouraging teamwork among all the employees of our company through fair compensation, on-the-job training, welfare benefits and incentives.
  • Customer satisfaction: We also aim for creating value for our customers by re-investing profits in the pursuit of unparalleled quality of our Bus Duct, etc.

Innovation and Impeccable Quality

All the factories of all the business units of Tatung Company own ISO 9001 certification. It is because cables and wires that we offer including Power Cable, LAN Cable Accessories-Faceplate, XLPE Cable, etc., comply with the International quality standards. We have also been awarded with Taiwan Excellence Awards and other foreign design awards due to innovation of our products.

Quality Policy

  • Customers First: The ultimate goal of our company is to completely meet the requirements of our customers and earn their trust.
  • Total Participation: All the employees of our company relentlessly participate in figuring the issues and reaching to better solutions for solving the problems.
  • Six Fundamental Powers: Amazing product performance, prompt delivery, satisfactory services, unparalleled quality, strong customer relations, income exceeding expenditure.


We always have been concerned about human rights. Therefore, we treat all our employees with respect, fairness and dignity. It is ensured no discrimination is made in the name of marital status, nationality, religion, gender or skin color. We also appointment 1 handicapped worker per every 100 workers and ensure equal working opportunities are provided to even the minority groups.

Employees Rights

We always prioritize social responsibility. This is why, we also involve in social welfare activities. Teamwork, business ethics and staff training are a few parameters where we always put emphasis on.

Tatung Labor Union came into existence in the year 1959 to take up actions on different purposes. For instance, improvement of living standards of labors, carrying out collective bargaining, etc. And, each employee chooses to be the member of union out of his or her free-will.

Labor Management Relations

Under this process, we aim to harmonize the relations between the management and the labors.

Forced Labor and Child Labor

Appointing any candidate for work below the age limit set by the government is against the rules of our company and we strictly forbid it. Moreover, if in some cases, prolong working hours are required, the practice is implemented only after an agreement is made with the employee union.

Organization Development

Meritocracy is the principle on which our recruitment policy is based. According to this policy, no discrimination can be made on the basis of gender, race or age. Skills, knowledge and experience of the candidates should be the only eligibility criteria.

Career Development

Needless to say, success of a business is dependent on the talent of its employees. Believing this, we have set a criteria that an employee who shows TATUNG DNA, will be able to attain the set goals of our company. Thus, the management of our company takes TATUNG DNA as the founding step for developing a training and education system via which certain training courses are provided to our employees.

Health and Safety Training

For raising the awareness of occupational health and safety among all the employees, we conduct training classes for not only new recruits but other employees and managers, as well. We also organize Tatung Corporate OHS Seminar every year. In seminars, we discuss case studies on Occupational Safety and Health Act.

Salary and Employee Benefits

To eliminate all the chances of employment deterioration, we ensure the minimum salary of our employees complies with the standard salary set by the government. We disclose the entire structure of salary and payment methods.

Supply Chain Management

To share the benefits of our offerings with our customers present all over the globe, we aim to develop strong relations with decent suppliers. Also, we ensure that regular auditing is performed in all the subsidiaries and business units. Competitive price, timely delivery and unmatched quality of Solar Cable, Bus Duct and other products, are the primary factors that are taken into consideration whenever we buy any raw material or source any product. We also encourage purchase made from the local supplier, thereby, supporting local businesses.

Supplier Introduction and Management

We have divided our suppliers into 4 categories:

  • Category 1: Requires on-site assessment, sign procurement contract and sign commitment letter.
  • Category 2: Requires sign procurement contract, sign commitment letter and document preview.
  • Category 3 or Construction: Either on-site assessment or document preview, sign commitment letter and sign procurement contract.
  • Others: Only sign procurement contract and sign commitment letter will work.

Information Security Management

It was in the early 2014, when we set up our Information Security and Personal Information Protection Committee. We also passed ISO 27001 information security management system verification this year. Thus, ensuring complete security of all the equipment, network and data of our company.

Customer Privacy Protection

We focus on the privacy of our customers through Personal Data Protection Law set by Republic of China Government.

  • When our company collects personal data, it is processed and used within scope of service while the data security is being taken care of.
  • For securing online transactions, all the data of our customers at the time of payment is well-protected by our security maintenance measures.
  • We have been also been accredited with quality certification and our security measures comply with BS 10012 personal data protection standards.